Slab Foundation Repair

If the foundation of your residential home or commercial building shows some indications of damage, then you need to call in professionals who specialize in slab foundation repair. GL Hunt Foundation Repair of Cleburne is a company that has years of experience in slab foundation repair. Slab foundation repair should always be one of your priorities when it comes to the health of your buildings.


What is slab foundation?

The foundation that your home or building is built on will always have an impact on the structural integrity of your home. A slab foundation is made up of concrete that is placed on a layer of sand to act as a cushion and for drainage. When buildings or homes are built on a slab foundation it means that there is no crawl space, and therefore no piers or beams are holding the house up.  Slab foundations often cost less and are often less likely to experience damage in certain situations. However, slab foundations are prone to slab cracks.  The cracking of slab foundations can occur because of tree roots, earthquakes, frozen ground, and soil displacement.


Indications that there are problems with your slab foundation

When there are problems with your slab foundation, you will usually come across some indications that we will list in this section. Externally you may find that your bricks are cracking, and even cracking of sheetrock internally. A clear sign that there are problems with your slab foundation is doors or windows that are sticking, meaning that they won't open or close properly anymore! You may also notice cracks in your floors, and this is even more visible if you have tiles inside your home. If you ever see any of these indications in your home, you should call GL Hunt Foundation Repair of Cleburne immediately.

Slab foundation repair solutions are done by us

There are various ways in which the slab foundation repairs can be approached, and we will take into consideration the severity of the damage before we decide on a solution.  Our professionals will use the helical pile method to repair slab foundations, especially when the foundation is no longer level. By using cement glue we can repair the cracks in your slab foundation. We have various other methods that will be considered if the damage is severe, but we will always discuss these with you beforehand.


Are our slab foundation repairs expensive?

No, we consider our prices to be affordable and reasonable for all of our slab foundation repairs. Yes, prices will vary depending on the size of the slab foundation, the damage, and the repair methods that will be required. GL Hunt Foundation of Cleburne will always provide you with a free quotation that will provide you with adequate information for you to make the best decision regarding your slab foundation repair. Get in touch with us now and see why we are the most reliable foundation repair company in Cleburne, TX.

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