Drainage Solutions

Is there water standing near your business or home? If there is, you should call in drainage experts. GL Hunt Foundation Repair of Cleburne offers drainage solutions at affordable prices! We have experts and drainage solutions that will keep your property dry. Call us today, receive a free assessment as well as a free quotation.


Why you would need drainage solutions around your property?

If you have water that is pooling near your business or your home property every time the rain comes down, then you need to get a drainage solution that will drain water away from your property. Standing water not only looks bad, but it also leads to foundation problems that can be expensive! A drainage solution does not have to be an expensive project and will certainly help keep your property protected from water.

Drainage issues

GL Hunt Foundation repair of Cleburne also offers solutions to the existing drainage systems that are now working properly. Over time a drainage system can stop functioning as it should, and there are some reasons for that. A drainage system can be damaged or other reasons could affect the system, which will result in water not draining away from your home. All of this could cause problems like foundation damage and even mold! Some reasons why your foundation cannot drain properly is that there is clogging in the system from debris or even leaves in the system. Maybe the initial drainage solution was not installed properly. We have experienced contractors who will investigate drainage issues and then advise you on the solutions available. But, once you call us, we guarantee that we can sort out your drainage solutions.

Our drainage solution service

Our drainage solution systems are done to fit your needs, so call us if you need drains, gutter, sump pumps, channel drains, pop-up drains, and so much more! We have all of the drainage solutions for you! Our drainage solutions involve installing a drain tile around the foundation walls. We lay them on the bottom of the excavated area, and then add a layer of stone is laid on top of the drain tiles, when the drain is completely installed we backfill the area. When we complete that stage of the project we concrete the area, there is a gap that is left, and the reason for this gap is to allow water in from the foundation walls. Our installation takes a couple of days because our teams work efficiently. We also offer a drainage maintenance service that will ensure that your drainage system is always working efficiently! We guarantee that our drainage solutions will solve all of your water issues around your property.


Let us discuss costs

Drainage solutions will need to be customized to fit the needs of each property, and therefore the price will differ.  We do always provide all clients with a free assessment, and then a free quote that will provide in detail what is needed for a proper drainage solution for your property. You can trust us to provide you with a drainage solution that will work and at affordable rates in Cleburne, TX.

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