Commercial Foundation Repair

Have you ever looked at a large commercial building and wondered if the foundation can be repaired? Well,  the simple answer is yes! Any type of commercial foundation can be repaired, but you will need a foundation repair company that has expert foundation contractors on their teams. The top foundation repair company in Cleburne, TX is GL Hunt Foundation Repair of  Cleburne! Call us today and receive a free foundation inspection.


What to look for when it comes to commercial foundation problems?

If you suspect that your commercial building may have some foundation issues, there are some things that you can look for, and they will indicate that you will need to give us a call. We are experienced enough to know that one of the vital signs that you can look for is if your walls seem to be bowing, which means that they seem to be leaning inward. Walls that are not standing straight up are one of the biggest indications that structural damage is happening. You can also take a look for cracked, uneven, or sloped floors in your commercial building. You also notice that there are cracks on your walls, inside and outside. Your doors and windows are not functioning as they should; they either won't open or close properly.


Repair methods of commercial foundation

As soon as you see that your commercial foundation might have any type of damage, you need to call in the experts. So, call GL Hunt Foundation Repair of Cleburne, and we will get to work on repairing the foundation. We use various repair methods depending on the damage and the situation. We will use either wall anchors, polyurethane foam injections, helical tiebacks, or wall braces. Depending on the severity of the damage, our crews may even use a combination of these methods. You can rely on our experienced foundation repair contractors to provide you with professional commercial foundation repairs.


Can repairs wait?

No, we don’t ever suggest waiting with commercial foundation repairs! If you wait too long, you are allowing the problems to become even bigger and unfortunately will require bigger repairs which will cost you a fortune. So, from the very first indication that there might be a problem with your foundation you need to call us. We will first assess the commercial foundation and then discuss all of the options with you. Whatever you do, do not wait for commercial foundation repairs.


Do we have the right equipment and teams for the task?

GL Hunt Foundation Repair of Cleburne, TX is proud of the fact that we have the right equipment as well as professional teams of foundation repair experts for all types of commercial foundation repairs! We ensure that our equipment is well looked after and that our teams are up to date with new techniques on all types of commercial repairs. We also consider ourselves as a company that offers reasonable prices! With years and years of experience, we guarantee that our commercial foundation repairs are reliable and efficient!

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